We constantly work to improve and include new features in our software and today we are pleased to introduce you the latest new feature that we have included in the PetShop software.

Now, the tickets are auto-saved automatically. As you know, in the software you could save your tickets, or “leave them paused” to continue later.

Also, we include the auto-saving system, so even if you have not manually saved the ticket, you can recover your tickets if you want.

How does it work?

Imagine that you are doing a sale, but you leave that screen or even you accidentally close the software without saving or pausing the ticket. Thank to auto-saving, that ticket is never lost; it has been automatically saved or paused so you can retrieve it to continue working on it later.

When you access to the menu option New > Sale again, a warn message will appear to remind you that you have paused tickets, in case you want to recover them. If you want, just select the corresponding ticket and you will recover the ticket to continue doing the sale.

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