We’d like to introduce you the new feature that we have included in the software for Pet Hotel Business.

Do you want to remind your clients that in 3 days, for example, they have a booking at your Hotel? And even notify them several times, for example 10 days before, 7 days before and 2 days before?

It is so useful, ins’t it? But it is a lot of work to send manual emails to customers to remind them their next bookings.

Now, you can do it automatically. When you add a new booking, you can schedule all the reminders you want and the software will automatically send them the specified day.

When making an appointment, you can also add reminders

Without leaving the booking screen, you can add automatic reminders. Choose the day of delivery writing a custom date or using the date calculator. If you select 15 days before, the software calculates 15 before the date of the booking and writes it in the date field. 

You can also select the time you want it to be sent from the Time dropdown and if the customer has multiple email addresses, you can choose which one you want to send it to. You can even receive a copy in your email, if you want.

Privacy / GDPR

Do you want to see a warning when you are adding an automatic reminder for a customer who has not agreed to receive communications from you? It’s very simple, in the configuration you only have to select if you want to see this notification when setting new reminders up.

By clicking on “View details”, you directly access that customer’s file to view/modify his/her privacy information.

Configure the appearance of the automatic reminders that your customers will see

You can configure the appearance of the emails that your customers will receive for the automatic reminder notification, customising the logo, the name of your business, and the information that will appear in the email footer.

In addition, if you frequently send some text, additional information, …, you can save it as a “template” and thus, you will not have to write it every time.

Also, you can preview the appearance of the auto reminders emails, how they will look with your data, logo and “template” text. Very useful, right?


If you want more information about each screen, you can read the help manual >> CLICK HERE

As an usual, if you have any questions, you can always contact us, we’re glad to help you out.