We introduce you our software for pet trainers, with a renewed image and many new features.

We have renewed the most used screens of the software to optimize and thus, the most common processes (appointments and services) are way more faster.

You do not need to start working today with the new screens. You can continue working with the old ones and gradually try new ones. Do not hurry, you can try it quietly.


Improved planning

Now you can drag and drop the appointments to change the hours or days.

You can configure the range of hours shown in the planning.

If you want, you can see also the old stays in the planning.



If you use a color flag to identify an appointment / service, you will see it in the planning.

If you identify your employees with a color, you will see that appointments / services are assigned to that employee. For example, Juan’s appointments are red background and Ana’s are blue background.


The appointments and services

They are faster and they include now much more helpful information.

You can also start multiple services quickly.

(Imagine that 10 animals have just arrived to your grooming and you want to start working quickly. You can start all those services quickly)


You can sell courses. Define the course sessions and then plan the different sessions on the agenda.




Optimized design

We have re-designed slightly the screens. Now they include more information, but we have organized it in folding blocks to take full advantage of the size of the screen.


Customizable emails

Now you can customize the information that appears at the bottom of the emails that you send from the software.


Quick addition

When you’re adding a new appointment or service in the system, if the customer or pets are not your database, you can add them quickly without leaving this screen.

Also you can fill in information about data protection (GDPR) when you add a new customer

Checking before adding to the customer

When adding a new customer, check if the ID number and the email address are in the database (so the customer already exists)



In appointments, services, … now you can include discounts for different concepts expressed in % or in amount. (For example -10% on the bath service for the second animal or – $6 on transport)


Highlighted information

The sections holding additional information about customers and animals are highlighted if  you introduced information.


Customer’s address map

Do you need to calculate the distance to the customer’s address to assign the corresponding rate? Now it’s very simple, because you can see the map with customer’s address.

There are small details that make a huge difference and can greatly facilitate your daily tasks.


You can send Whatsapp and make phone calls

to your customers directly from the booking, check-in or check-out processes.

Just click customer’s whatspp number or phone number to start the phone call.


Do you need a calculator?

When finish the service, it shows a calculator with the paid money and automatically calculates the money to be returned.

One of your favorite features is the online booking system from your website and Facebook page.

Therefore, thanks to all your suggestions, we have included some new interesting options:


On-line bookings cancellation

If you do not have availability or simply you do not accept an online booking, you can now cancel that booking and notify the customer simply by clicking a button.

And continuing with time savings, we have included several notifications that you can automatically send to the customer directly from the software.

In this way, improve customer service  giving them all the information easily.

You can send them all this information and also you can send yourself a copy to your email:


The invoice

You can print it, but if you want you can also send it directly to customers by email.


The booking confirmation

With the booking details and the additional information that you want to add.


The confirmation of the online booking request

With the booking details and the additional information that you want to add.


The cancellation of the online booking request

With the additional information you want, the reason for cancellation, etc.


Now, you can send the summary document attached

When you send the reservation confirmation email, you can send attached the document with the detailed summary of the booking that includes the prices.

Fulfill the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regarding communication with customers is not easy,  because it’s possible that many of the customers are in your database from long time ago. But do not worry, we also help you with this:


We help you with communications

Before sending an email, the software checks if the customer has accepted to receive communications; If he or she does not accept, a warning appears on the screen.

Finally, we present one of the most desired new functionality:


Customization with color flags

You can assign a color to quickly identify a appointment / service / etc. or a customer / animal / etc.

You can choose the functionality of your color flags.For example:

  • In my business there are special customers and I apply them different rates/prices. I use colors to identify them: friends, VIPs, partners, regular customers, …
  • In my business, bookings must be paid in advance and I use a color to identify paid and pending bookings.
  • I use a color to identify problematic customers , who always cancel appointments or have unpaid bills.
  • Some animals have a behaviour or specific requirement and I want to identify them with a special color. For example to females in heat, to aggressive animals, to puppies, to animals that they need medication/surveillance.
  • Or any other parameter that you consider interesting. It’s up to you.

>> Click here to see all the changes and new features we are working on

This is the design of the new screens:



We know that they are important changes and very expected by all of you, but so that you can get used to working using the new screens quietly, we will keep the old screens temporarily.

In the top menu, you will see that some options are duplicated:

  • New: Appointment, Online appointment and Service
  • View: Planning, Appointments, Online appointments and Services

The options marked with a Star are the new screens:


For a few months, you will have old screens for services and appointments and also the new screens. Afterwards, we will delete the old screens.

We recommend you working with the new screens to get used to them and take advantage of new features (color flag, quick add, discounts, etc.), but you can do it quietly.

If you want more information about each screen, you can read the help manual >> CLICK HERE

An as usual, if you have any questions, you can always contact us, we’re glad to help you out.