We’re glad to introduce you our new software for Pet Shipping. This software allows you to manage pets pickups and deliveries and easily plan the shipping route. It’s very interesting, because it connects with the rest of the applications, so that at the time of making a service, booking, PetShop sale, puppy booking, etc. you can also add the pick-up / delivery service quickly.

Transport planning, the roadmap

By selecting a day, you will see the pickups and deliveries planned for that day. If you have multiple apps, you can see them all or filter by app. For example, if you only want to see Grooming pickups or only PetShop deliveries. dog-delivery-software The information is organized in two independent tabs, to help you better visualize the pickups and deliveries. Next to the name of each tab appears the number of pickups/deliveries. To rearrange the shippings, you just have to drag and drop in the position you want. pet-transport-software If the customer has an address, the GoogleMaps map appears. By clicking on the Enlarge map option, a new browser tab opens with the map in larger size. In this way, you can see the address and order the shipping according to proximity or as you prefer. By clicking on the DETAILS button, a Pop-up with more information opens: pet-transport-free-app Includes Quick access links , if you click on them, the information opens in a new browser tab:
  • Customer’s name: open its file
  • Map: open GoogleMaps with the map in larger size
  • Name of the animals: open their files
  • Detail of the appointment, reservation, service, stay, puppy or ticket: open the corresponding section.
It also includes buttons for direct contact with the customer , if you click you can:
  • Call you by phone
  • Send you an email
  • Open WhatsApp to talk to the customer
At the bottom, you can Print the planning with the complet list of transport ordered and send it by email, for example to the driver. If you check the option «Send me a copy», you will also receive the shipping planning in your email.

Reports and graphs

Wouldn’t it be great to know the number of shippings for example for the last month? Using the Shipping report, you can select from the date range and for which business area (hotel, grooming, PetShop, …) and all the pickups and deliveries between those dates will be listed.
By clicking on the table titles, you can sort the results to sort them by customer name, address, type, date, etc. If you click on a customer’s name, that customer’s file will open in a new web browser tab. At the top there are some graphs that show the total of shippings, how many correspond to pickups (for example 40%) and how many to deliveries (for example 60%) and the evolution of the number of pickups and deliveries by weeks or months depending on the date range selected.

Integrates with the rest of the apps

In addition, you’ll see specific notifications on the Home Page for each application: For the Hotel and Nursery software, if a stay that begins that day (Check-in) or a stay that ends that day (check-out) has a pick-up service
From the Grooming software, if a service for that day has a pick-up or delivery service:
From the Breeding software, if a puppy with delivery scheduled for that day, has a delivery service:
From the PetShop software, if a sale with delivery scheduled for that day, has a delivery service:
If you want more information about each screen, you can read the help manual >> CLICK HERE An as usual, if you have any questions, you can always contact us, we’re glad to help you out.