As you know, we constantly improve the software. We include new features, we improve usability and we include the suggestions proposed by the users.

Your time is very valuable. That’s why we try to make the software useful and functional to help you to manage your pet training business in an efficient way.

These are the latest features that we have included in the software:


The invoice

You can print it, but if you want you can also send it directly to customers by email.

Also you can send yourself a copy to your email

Fulfill the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regarding communication with customers is not easy,  because it’s possible that many of the customers are in your database from long time ago. But do not worry, we also help you with this:


We help you with communications

Before sending an email, the software checks if the customer has accepted to receive communications; If he or she does not accept, a warning appears on the screen.

You can directly access the customer file to update this acceptance of conditions.

We are working on new features, that we will soon include in the software.

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We hope you like the new features that we have included in the software, and if you still do not use it, you can try it for free for as long as you want:

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