We have included interesting features in the software, and some suggestions that you have proposed.

Now the Home-Page or Magic Desk is more optimized, it includes more information and it’s faster.

Re-design of the screen to optimize it.

We have changed the order of the elements to make the most of the available space and in this way,  be able to include more information.


Now it’s faster

We have optimized the load of the information and queries to the database to show the data quickly.

In addition, we have made specific adaptations for devices with smaller resolutions (mobile).



It includes the room color to identify it more quickly

If you were using colours to identify your rooms or kennels, now you’ll see those colours as well in the Magic Desk helping you to identify the room.

Now a small dot appears with the color of the room next to the room number/name.


(You can configure the name and color for rooms or kennels)

Now it shows overdue check-ins and overdue check-outs

If yesterday, for instance, an animal should be checked in, but we didn’t do it,  today in the daily agenda we’d see that overdue check-in.

The same is true for check-outs, we’ll see overdue check-outs in the daily agent and we could delete them or change them accordingly, for instance, if our customer wants to extend the stay 1 extra day.

The “overdue” red indicator will appear close to the check-in date or check-out date.


For future dates, it includes estimated check-outs

In the previous release, the software only showed daily check-outs for check-ins already confirmed. Now it will show you estimated check-outs based on bookings as well.

For example, if we have a booking for next month. The animal will check in the 3rd of May and will check out the 10th of May.

If we pick the 10th of May in the calendar, we’ll see for that specific day, that there’s an estimated check-out. It has the special “booking” blue indicator to properly differentiate it from the check-outs already confirmed.



Now it shows overdue appointments and overdue services

If we had a planned grooming appointment or training service for yesterday, but we didn’t do it, today in the daily agenda we’ll see that overdue appointment or service.

We could delete or modify those appointments/services, if customers wants to change date/hour.




Now it shows overdue orders

If we had planned an order to be delivered yesterday, but we didn’t receive it, today in the daily agenda we’ll see it as overdue order.



You can see all these new features and try it for free:  www.gespet.com