How to create a secure password

For security reasons you must change your passwords frequently.

Below we provide interesting information about how to create strong and secure passwords for your applications.

1. For a strong and secure password, you must have:

  • Numbers, letters and combine uppercase and lowercase.
  • The length must be greater than seven characters. The greater the length, the most difficult to guess it.
  • It should not be generated with numbers and / or letters that are adjacent on the keyboard. (Examples of bad passwords are: 123456, 1q2w3e or 123QWEasd).
  • The password should not contain information that is easy to guess or personal information such as birthdays, children names, etc.
  • It should not contain existing words in any language. Dictionary attacks try these words to find out your passwords.

2. Best practices

  • Never use the same password on multiple sites, especially if services are “high risk”, such as banking or shopping services.
  • Never click on emails that ask you to change your password, instead go directly to the service page.
  • The password is private, not write it down along the side of the computer.
  • You must always change the default passwords given with your new devices or for online services.
  • Please do not store your passwords in the browser, specially for critical services. Your memmory is the best place to store them.


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